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Team > Jeffrey K. Skeen

President & Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Skeen is President and Chief Executive Officer of Titan Fitness and oversees the strategic direction of the business. Prior to forming Titan Fitness, Mr. Skeen was a Principal and the Chief Executive Officer of Titan Management Solutions (TMS). Since forming TMS, he has successfully worked with health club franchisees in opening and operating gyms throughout the U.S. TMS has achieved many successes, most notably, managing the turn around and sale of a multi-store chain and executing the most successful presale for an internationally recognized franchisor. Prior to founding TMS, Mr. Skeen was a Principal and Chief Information Officer for one of the largest and most respected health club chains in the world, for four years. Prior to his position as the Chief Information Officer, Mr. Skeen and his partners in the G Group operated eleven franchised health club locations in the DC Metro area.  By 1998, the G Group was recognized as the largest and most profitable health club chain in the world for a well recognized franchisor. Mr. Skeen assisted in securing enough capital, working through PricewaterhouseCoopers Securities, to enable the team to purchase one of the most recognized brands in the fitness industry in August of 1999. Prior to Mr. Skeen's experience in the fitness industry he served as President of an office supply company and General Manager of a pension software development firm. Mr. Skeen's business success is supported by his degree in finance from Virginia Tech.


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